Laser Plumbing Vermont provides backflow prevention testing and installation of backflow prevention devices, serving clients across the Melbourne metropolitan region, stretching from Werribee to the Dandenongs. We are licensed backflow plumbers who can ensure that backflow prevention has been properly installed in your property.

What is backflow?

Backflow occurs when there is a reversal in the normal direction of water flow such that water flows back into the water pipes. This present a potential hazard when your water supply becomes interconnected with a source of pollution, as the pollutants can then enter the water supply. Backflow is caused when water pressure in your property is higher than the water pressure at the main or if there's a drop in pressure at the main.

Backflow prevention devices ensure that our water supply is not contaminated by pollutants that may enter the water supply. These devices prevent the water from flowing back into the water main pipes.

Laser Plumbing Vermont's team of qualified backflow plumbers provide backflow prevention testing, problem diagnosis, installation and repairs to existing installations. We also provide regular testing of your back flow prevention device to ensure that it is maintained to required standards and continue to operate effectively.

Backflow Prevention Devices

It is essential that we reduce the risk of contaminating our water supply network by protecting it with backflow prevention devices.

What is a backflow prevention device?

Your backflow valve is fitted nearby your water meter. Backflow devices ensure any reversal of flow of water does not enter our main water supply system.

Why do I need to have my backflow device tested?

It is necessary to have your backflow valve tested annually by an accredited backflow technician. Annual testing ensures you device is working correctly.

How long does it take to complete the testing of the backflow device?

Usually, it is only necessary to turn off your water for approximately 20 minutes when completing the test. Our technicians will only be at your property for up to an hour.

How do I know if I have a backflow prevention device?

You will be contacted by your local water authority to advise when your device is due for testing if you have one.

Laser Plumbing Vermont technicians are backflow accredited and complete a test report after the tests are complete to record all the information. The reports are then submitted to your local water authority.

Laser Plumbing Vermont technicians are also experienced in repairs and maintenance of backflow devices and installation of new ones.

Thermostatic Mixing Valves (TMV)

Laser Plumbing Vermont technicians are accredited to complete TMV testing.

What is a TMV?

TMV's are a device which blends hot with cold water to provide a suitable temperature to your taps.

Why install a TMV?

Using a TMV reduces the risk of users getting scalded by hot water temperatures and ensures safe temperatures.

Do I need to have my TMV tested or serviced?

Yes, it is essential you have your TMV serviced annually to ensure the temperature remains in a safe range and they are operating correctly. Laser Plumbing Vermont provide reports once testing is complete for you records.

Who uses TMV's?

These valves are commonly found in Hotels, Healthcare and Aged Care Facilities.

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